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Document Archives includes a listing of relevant articles which have been produced concerning duty free trade and its abolition. From the summaries detailed below, you can choose a file to download. You can also search for keywords contained in the reports.

Journalists: To accompany the documents, we have also included an image bank depicting the latest events in the duty free campaign. These pictures may be downloaded from the Image Resources page located here.

Duty Free: A European RationaleApril 1997
The European Union and the duty-free industry after 30 June 1999: how keeping duty-free can help achieve key European objectives, in the framework of the internal market and other established European policies.
This paper examines the issues and concludes that supporting duty-free in the EU does not make one a “bad European”. It helps to reconcile what some see as a conflict of ideologies, and paves the way for the pragmatic decision reprieving the industry from the sentence passed some five years ago, while making a constructive contribution to the achievement of key European objectives.
Prisma Transport Consultants
Impact of the Abolition of Intra-EU Duty and Tax Free Allowances upon the European Ferry IndustryJune 1997
A Report for the European Travel Research Foundation
It is particularly the island nations and those member states with extensive coastlines that are likely to feel significant effects of the removal of duty and tax free sales. Thus, studies were commissioned for Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, UK and Ireland. Ferry services to France and the Low Countries would essentially be covered within these reports and so separate studies were not required.
MDS transmodal
Assessment of the impact of the abolition of Intra-EU Duty and Tax Free Allowances on Low Cost Scheduled AirlinesJune 1997
Executive Summary compiled for the European Travel Research Foundation
Because low coat airlines will be carrying 5 Million passengers less in 2005 than would have been the case with the retention of duty free, the sector will be less well developed in terms of aircraft flying. This will result in the low cost airline fleet being smaller by 23 aircraft than would have been the case. The employment impact resulting from this would be threefold.
Symonds, Travers Morgan